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Date :

Location : UAE - Abu Dhabi

Client : Evian Middle East

évènements : Taste Festival

Type d'évènement : Product launch

We staged a snowy alps landscape with with two pairs of skis and fake snow in front of a sharingbox original.




• Create an outstanding experience in the heat of abu dhabi, bring the french alps to the desert 
• Promote the new evian bottle design, 
• Hand out souvenirs to customers,
• Create an emotional bond between the brand and users,
• Incite people to share their pictures on social networks.


“People queued all day long to take pictures! .. Amazing figures! We really went a step further taking pictures with Sharingbox” – Evian.

Social stats

  • pictures taken : 952
  • prints : 1266
  • emails sent : 737
  • emails views : 1428
  • instagram shares : 35
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sharingbox Original with a backwall & snow

... and 35 degrees in Abu Dhabi !


  • Generate buzz
  • Social network shares
  • Unlimited printing
  • Custom pictures
  • Instant emails sending
  • Data harvesting