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Date :

Location : France - Paris - Citadium

Client : CAT Footwear France

évènements : Caterpillar x Citadium Contest

Type d'évènement : In-Store Promotion, Product launch, Public event, Store opening

Be the face of Caterpillar lookbook campaign! sharingbox helped Caterpillar to find their new brand ambassador, while attracting people to the store and helping Caterpillar to build a large database of future and actual buyers.




• Turn clients into brand ambassadors,
• Increase social media presence,
• Promote the relaunch of the brand image,
• Improve in-store traffic,
• Select the new social media brand ambassador.


sharingbox was part of a month long pop up shop Caterpillar set up at the Citadium (French store). Through its brand ambassador promotion, Caterpillar activated a lot on the social media as many people shared their photos in order to become their new face : Caterpillar selected their new social media brand ambassador among the 10 photos, which gathered the most amount of likes on Facebook.

Social stats

  • pictures taken : 4811
  • prints : 3508
  • emails sent : 1973
  • emails views : 2476
  • facebook shares : 1443
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sharingbox Original


  • Unlimited printing
  • Instant email sending
  • Facebook share
  • Facebook contest
  • Custom photo booth
  • Custom pictures