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Date :

Location : Belgium - Brussels - Mercedes Europa

Client : Mercedes Benz

évènements : Launch of the C-Class at Mercedes Europa

Type d'évènement : Product launch

Mercedes used two of sharingbox original to take full advantage of the branding capabilities of the machines. They used greenscreen technology and special effects to add an elaborate photo animation to the C-Class launch party and provide guests not only with a real printed souvenir but a real experience to be remembered … discover the results below:




• Create buzz about the event via social media shares,
• Give guests a special souvenir of the night,
• Collect email of potential new clients .

Social stats

  • pictures taken : 603
  • prints : 592
  • emails sent : 375
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sharingbox Original


  • 2 Custom photo booths
  • Custom pictures
  • Greenscreen activation
  • Product launch
  • Social shares
  • Email sending
  • Unlimited printing
  • Data collection