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Date :

Location : USA

Client : Burberry

évènements : "Burberry Brit Rhythm Fragrance" campaign launch in the US

Type d'évènement : In-Store Promotion, Product launch

During summer 2015, Burberry and sharingbox traveled all over the USA to launch the “Brit Rythm” perfumes in Macy’s stores.




• Generate in-store traffic,
• Promote the brand & the new fragrance,
• Better understanding of the potential clients,
• Generate impulse purshases.


51 set ups were installed simultaneously in 22 states and 45 cities

The tricky part was to actually activate in 51 locations at the same time – sharingbox software as well as its strong operations and the strategic location of machines accros the country makes them the only company to carry on such large scale activations. Burberry and Macy’s only provided plugs … sharingbox took care of the rest!

During the campaign, Burberry saw an increase in same store sales, this further confirms the role of sharingbox affecting sales during in store activations.

Social stats

  • stores : 51
  • pictures taken : 6680
  • prints : 3992
  • emails sent : 4725
  • emails views : 3918
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sharingbox Original

Elegant setup with a roll-up & and a fully customized photo booth !


  • 51 In-store activations
  • Instant printing
  • Special customization
  • Live emailing
  • Data harvesting - Q&A
  • Social shares
  • Product launch

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