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Date :

Location : France - Paris

Client : Uniqlo

évènements : Inauguration of the new Uniqlo Store at Belle-Epine shopping center in the South of Paris.

Type d'évènement : Product launch, Store opening

People had the possibility of taking their photos and printing a coupon redeemable inside the store.


This action generated strong in-store traffic, Uniqlo them tracked how many people came back for their tote bag: 670 coupons out of 682 were used! I call this a SUCCESS.




• Generate in-store traffic,
• Promote the store opening,
• Create an emotional bond between the brand and clients by offering a free tote bag.


Social stats

  • store : 1
  • pictures taken : 570
  • prints : 682
  • emails sent : 492
  • emails views : 858
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sharingbox Original with a backwall


  • Unlimited printing
  • Custom pictures
  • Couponing
  • Instant email sending
  • Store opening
  • Backwall

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